Tuesday, 31 December 2013

A little time for me.

So I have a confession. I bloody love reality tv. Like loads. I love my kids yes. But reality tv? A very close second. This is why I find myself up at 525am to watch Made in Chelsea.  I often find myself up at this time. Just me and the cats. 

It may be a real housewife of somewhere random in America, a dwarf family, a family using coupons to buy 657 kitchen rolls, literally anything. I'm an intelligent educator of young minds. But I just can't get enough! 

I long for the day when I am approached to do the Real Housewives of Birmingham. 

At around 630ish my day properly begins and from then on my tv is monopolised with Peppa bloody Pig, baby TV or worse Barbie and her very poor morals. 

So long live 530am, pints of builders tea, cuddles with the cats and a host of reality stars whose lives I am obsessed with. I bless you and your tricksome lives. You make me so happy. 



  1. Hee hee, very brave admission! I have to say, Made in Chelsea is my guilty pleasure, I even find myself speaking like a rah-rah after watching an episode, I get so absorbed by it! Thanks for joining up to #AllAboutYou I'm just off to pin this post onto the #AllAboutYou Pinterest board and add it into our Google Plus Community. Hope to see you joining in the party next week.

  2. P.S are you on Twitter? If you are, would you mind tweeting me @motherwifeme and I'll tweet out a link to this post.

  3. Morning! I love Made in Chelsea. Spencer is such an idiot. My twitter is @brummymummyof2. Will defo try and write more stuff for me xxx

  4. Love your commitment to your me-time, and your canny perception of Barbie's morals. I love a bit of Kardashian Krack! Thanks for linking up with #AllAboutYou - hope to see you again tomorrow.


    1. Barbie drives me potty. She's such a wrong un. And why is she in charge of her sisters??? What's the back story. These are things I think about whilst my brain slowly rots away x

  5. I agree with the whole come 6.30am Peppa Pig is on! Grrrr that pig needs shooting! but on a serious note I find myself addicted to house makeover shows and that american show which I see on from time to time, where they knock the whole house down and start it up from scratch, (the Mr got me watching it!!!) but I seriously can't for the life of me remember what it was called!

  6. Just have a flick through your old posts and came across this one, it made me chuckle so thought i would reply

    i just wanted to say...i hear ya girl, i love reality TV too! literally anything as well, the more ridiculous the better! xx


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