Do New Years Eve. Conway Style (poundland and onesies involved).

So we are no longer 18 and hence the excitement and joy of New Year has gone. We don't want to pay one bazillion pounds for a taxi, we don't want to get groped by drunk mad people and we don't want to get caught up in the domestics that generally occur on the most highly anticipated night of the year. 

We also have two little ones that we want to celebrate with so here's the plans that will be taking place at Casa Conway this year.

Ste has just been down to the joy that is poundland and along with Erin chosen some marvelously tacky NYE decos. Bagsy the cocktail glass shaped glasses! Erin would fight me for the crown.
We let Erin pick her fav party food including you guessed the party ring and the highly sophisticated choccy finger. We also have some other bits and bobs which we plan to eat at around sixish.  We will then have a little disco including all her fav disney tracks (the boy will prob be in bed).  Don't be jel. You wish you were dancing around to a bit of frozen. 

And then...
Erin to bed knackered and full of party rings and Ste and I will settle in with a nice bottle of bubbly and some tv. Glamorous? No. Comfy? Hell yeah and I can confirm onesies will be involved. 

New Years Day
Whilst all the yoof are sleeping of hangovers and regretting rows with their other halves we have booked a nice lunch at our fav country pub to celebrate the new year our own way.  Can't bloody wait. 

What will you be doing? xxx
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