Tuesday, 31 December 2013

Just plain rude!

Today I had the joy of a bit of child free shopping. The dream. Rarely occurs. I was in a nice stationary shop perusing the half price tat when I accidentally knocked something off a shelf. I walked on unaware of my crime when a female yoof (let's say 20) picked it up and said to her equally yoofull friend "some people are just plain rude". I wasn't! I didn't know! 

I said as such and said I could hear what she was saying. She walked off. I said "whose rude now"? Feeling triumphant I looked at her friend. She turned to me and said "she just doesn't care what you think". I looked at them with their lovely shabby plaits, in that dip dyed style, with their super trendy clothes on and beautiful non Mum bags. And it dawned on me. Why should she care what the woman in George Asda boots thinks? Who is wondering whether to splash out on an 85p folder? 

If I had a shabby, two toned plait and a oversized men's blazer on I would have looked like a mad trampy cat woman. Not a youthful trendsetter. Who weren't even eyeing up the sale stuff at all (imagine!). 

I brought my folder and a pad I didn't want as I was in a panic, and skulked off to find the husband and children. I had a little cry as I am overtired. 

And then when I was perusing more sales tat in Boots. It dawned on me. One day they too will be mid 30s Mums. Scavving a bargain. And I hope to god they encounter a similarly rude young lady. But I tell you what. It won't be my Erin. She will never speak to people like that. And when she is a beautiful trendy yoof. She will still have an eye for a good bargain. Not like that pair of idiots. 

Enjoy your overpriced stationary! That will be my revenge. 

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  1. I was just pootling about on the interwebs and saw your interview for the MADS 2015 finalists... so I came on over the have a read of your favourite post on going out as a mum (very amusing, very true). Whilst I was here I thought I'd have a look at your older stuff. No idea how I got to this post, one of your first. I read it, smiled wryly at looking like a trampy cat lady (I would too) and headed over to the comments. Nada. Which I have to say i find awesome... Whilst we know it's true, it's good for us relatively newbies to see that those who have been around a bit longer (although admittedly not much) were in the same position as us once - writing great posts that go unnoticed. Hope you had a fabulous holiday x


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