The Boys First Birthday (on a bit of a budget).

12 months ago I was eagerly awaiting the arrival of my beaut baby boy. So it was about that time for a party!  As the poor sod was born so close to Christmas we opted not to have a huge shindig but just a small one with close family. Does this mean we are scrimping on decos and food? Heeeell to the no. We are going large but in a small way (and most certainly on a post festive season budget!). 

I've been gathering bits and bobs during the past few months. Tescos do some great cheap balloons and banners. And Home Bargains is just amazing for disposable cake stands. You can get some right finds in there you know. Here is a polka dot one that was less than a pound!

The main decos have been sourced from the website Party Pieces. They do sweet little things like first birthday bibs (great to put in babies keepsake box) and the hugest door banners. And bits and bobs that can hang down and just add a little extra to the day. 

Also I bloody love bunting (see below) and got some great stuff in the sales. The material stars and triangles were half price from the Next sale, whilst the spotty and striped card bunting was half price from Tesco. They will be reused year after year. 

As the main man and his big sis are three and under we served classic party food for them. So they really could have a great time. Old faves like party rings and cocktail sausages but also they like healthy snacks so grapes and raisins as well. For the adults we served bigger versions of the same party food. But also some grown up nibbles. We did consider buying sandwich platters but settled on using fillers from Tesco and it was literally a sixth of the cost! (However the husband and I did fall out over my lack of making sandwiches look pretty. So hard. Hence no sandwich picture).

Opted for a good old big number one from Marks and Spencer's. Order it online and then get it sent to your local store. And you can't beat a Marks and Sparks sponge!!! Serves 20 so that's five prices for Erin, 10 for the husband and the rest for the other guests. Its not as pricey as commisioning a cake and they still personalise it for you. 

I did get the guilt that Ethan only had a tiny party with 12 family members but he had all the important elements; presents, people he loves, party food, decorations and a bit of music. He had a brilliant time and fell asleep all afternoon! Below are some highlights of the glorious day: 

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