This is me.

Hello babs

Well after viewing some truly marvellous blogs and vlogs recently I have decided the time is right for me to have a go. So here is little intro into the life of me so you know what you're in for. 

So my name is Emma. I prefer Em. I'm 36. Live in Birmingham in a nice old terrace house with dreadful parking but I love it. I am a mummy to a one year old boy, three year old girl, five year old westie, two 11 year old cats and a 31 year old husband. He's lovely but he's worse than the kids to be honest!

I'm a part time teacher so get the best of both worlds. Bit of work, lot of home. Which is why I'm starting this blog. It is going to be a mix of how it is being a working/non working Mom, what I do with the kiddies day to day, clothes I like to wear, products I use, places we go to etc etc. 

Aim to write once or twice a week. Bare with me as I have the computer skills of a piece of moss. 

Love Em x
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