A plea to my beautiful baby boy...

... stop growing up so fast! I'm not sure if it's because we dress little boys in clothes like men but today he looked too grown up for my liking. With his jeans, his little trendy trainers and his wooly jumper. 

He's full of character now. Not as outgoing as his big sister mind. He sits and observes quietly like his Dad. He can wave. Say "hi" and can pretend to use the phone. He can crawl. He can cruise. He can shake his head. As if he's saying "no no no". He has a smile so wide it melts my heart and old ladies stop and comment about his beautiful big blue eyes. 

I don't want this baby bit to stop. It's going far too fast. When does a baby stop being a baby? When they can walk my friend said. Never. Ethan will always be my baby. Even when he's got his own babies. 

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