All the small things.

Every day from 8am till just past 9am my baby boy naps. And this is girls only time. The tele is turned off and Erin and I go and sit at the kitchen table. I always have a pint of decaf tea and she will have a cold milk in her Emily Buttons big girl mug. Sometimes we sneak in a biccy if I'm feeling frivolous.

And for a whole hour we do something. Maybe preschool homework, making bracelets, face time with her Dad at his work. Anything really. But it's just us. Us and the Yankee Candle I always light. It's bliss.

At 9.15am the boy arises and all hell breaks loose. And the day begins properly. Getting dressed, rushing to whatever activity we have to go to. I often think of that quiet hour during the day. And how when she's at school I will miss it dreadfully.

All the Small Things - MummyNeverSleeps
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