Blogging: A Month On...

So a month ago I decided to start a little blog. A week into doing it I wrote a piece on what it was like after a week. So I thought I would chart my progress a month later, then six months. And then if I'm still loving it, a year!
A month ago I never knew what a 'gadget' was. Never ever heard of a 'linky' or knew that pin party's took place on a regular basis. I had 64 followers on twitter and never dreamt of buying my own website. Let alone creating one!
Oh Pinterest how I love your pretty ways
Now I'm joining linkys left right and centre. Have refound my love of the beauty that is Pinterest. Regularly take part in blog hops and even was involved in a flash blog the other day! And have 363 twitter followers! That's like ten a day! (Excuse the exclamations. I'm excited). 
By far the craziest thing is I have had over 5300 page views! What the actual hell???! People have read my little blog in countries like China and India. Other bloggers from the US of A have messaged me. It is unbelievable.
Lots of new twitter friends
But what I love the most is, the other bloggers. The friendship that is out there with other people who are in exactly the same position as me. They have kids. They love their kids. And they want to talk about their kids, write about their kids, photograph their kids. Talk about happy things their kids have done or even if their kids are driving them crackers.
I have found it fascinating that there are so many universal truths about children. Wherever you live in the world. From whatever background you grew up in. All our little munchkins are pretty much the same. I loved posting a picture of Erin mid tantrum and everyone was like "hell yeah that's what my kids does". Or talking about my husband and how he makes my kids mad. Other moms from different parts of the country could relate.
 Erin. Mid tantrum. 
So in a nutshell a month on I'm still enjoying blogging and hope to continue throughout the year. I have a few little plans in my head. It so far has been a really positive experience. It's made me look at my life in a slightly different way. It's made the mundane (sleepless nights, tantrums, maniac baby etc etc) seem. Well exciting.
*Cheese Alert* it's helped me realise that yeah I'm a Mom. Yeah I'm mid thirties. But you know what? It's fun being me. And this time is so fleeting I plan to blog my arse off and read it back when I'm 100 on some magic computer screen in my eye (we'll be flying then too, it's the future!) and be bloody proud.
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