Day 2 of Letting Go

So I'm letting Erin wear what she wants this week to help me stop being such a controlling loon. It's Ethan's first birthday today. And we will look at these momentous pictures forever. So what does she choose to wear? Well she thought long and hard and decided this was the way to go: 

Why of course it's a Belle outfit with a tatty red cardigan! Oh and a head band from when she was like one. Awful. 

Verdict: to be fair to her she did consider the fact it was an important event so chose one of her favourite princess dresses. And she did match her cardy, shoes and headband. Also letting her wear what she wanted made her so happy and she couldn't wait to show it off to the guests. Maybe letting her grow up a tiny bit is the way forward eh?

Tomorrow Day 3: have no clue what we are up to tomorrow so the outfit choices could literally be anything. She was eyeing up bunny ears earlier. Worryingly. 

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