Day 3 of Letting Go

Well I must say letting Erin pick what she wants to wear is a bloomin revelation. She's happy to get dressed in the morning. Runs up the stairs and we don't have that irritating early morning tussle to get her into something (that I would class) as reasonably fashionable for a toddler. 

She chose the below today. She declared she wanted a dress and settled on this. A very cheap Primark little dress. With some one patterned tights. Complimented with some lovely brown boots from Tesco and ANOTHER horrific Disney grip from H&M. This time it's Tinkerbell. 

I wonder if any day this week Disney will not feature??? I doubt this very much. 

VERDICT: This outfit's ok you know but the crazy grips drive me to distraction. I'm also enjoying Erin's idea of a pose. This is her 'blue steel' look. 

TOMORROW: Day 4. Ethan's one year check up to the health visitor. They always scare me. So I'm hoping she looks half decent and doesn't choose another princess outfit. I wish to look responsible. 
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