Sunday, 5 January 2014

Day 3 of Letting Go

Well I must say letting Erin pick what she wants to wear is a bloomin revelation. She's happy to get dressed in the morning. Runs up the stairs and we don't have that irritating early morning tussle to get her into something (that I would class) as reasonably fashionable for a toddler. 

She chose the below today. She declared she wanted a dress and settled on this. A very cheap Primark little dress. With some one patterned tights. Complimented with some lovely brown boots from Tesco and ANOTHER horrific Disney grip from H&M. This time it's Tinkerbell. 

I wonder if any day this week Disney will not feature??? I doubt this very much. 

VERDICT: This outfit's ok you know but the crazy grips drive me to distraction. I'm also enjoying Erin's idea of a pose. This is her 'blue steel' look. 

TOMORROW: Day 4. Ethan's one year check up to the health visitor. They always scare me. So I'm hoping she looks half decent and doesn't choose another princess outfit. I wish to look responsible. 


  1. what a good idea!!!
    i always ask my daughter to choose if she wants to wear a dress/skirt/legging but then i choose which one to wear (except for the dresses, she always does it) and the combinations... because she still doesnt know stuffs like red+pink is banned and so!
    but i have to say erin has a good taste!

  2. Wait till see today's! Who knew there were so many shades of pink and when combined they would clash so horrifically???!! Ha ha. I asked what she wants to wear to her first day at pre school in Wed. She said an arial outfit. I'm afraid I'm going to have to step in then xxx


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