Day 4 of Letting Go

So far I have been pleased with Erin's outfit choices. Even impressed with day one (bar the weird crown blip). Today. However. We have this. Brace yourself if you're not a fan of pink:

Good god. We have her pink tartan coat from TU at Sainsburys, pink spotty dress from Primark, pink Adidas trainers from Brantano, pink flowery tights and her Next spotty wooly hat. Oh and her Cinderella handbag obv. 

Never has she been so happy with her choice of outfit. We were off for Ethan's first year check up and she turned up in this. She also fell over literally as we were leaving the house so had a huge carpet burn on her chin. She looked like a hobo.

Not so bad without the hat on I hear you say. Then look at this: 

No it's not a tropical bird who happened to be flying round Bearwood and landed on her head. It's that bloody grip she brought day 1 that I clearly never hid well enough. Bleurgh. 

Verdict: epic fail but she was so so so happy. And also she just gets dressed herself now. So fast. And the fact that she has new Disney pants makes her well excited each morning to get ready. It made me realise I buy far too much pink. 

Tomorrow: Day 4. Her bestie is coming for a play date. So she will be out to impress! I'm betting fairy wings. It's what all the cool toddlers wear these days. 
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