Tuesday, 7 January 2014

Day 5 of Letting Go

Erin had her lovely bestie Maisey come round for a play today so wanted to dress to impress. She thought you know what. Who doesn't love a princess dress! And not only a princess dress but one I wore like three days ago??? So again she wore this (dirty) Belle dress (on a side note it makes me so cross you can't wash these dresses. Such a con!). 

Firstly the pose is hilarious. Secondly I have not placed my daughter next to an open fire for style. It's a fake. 

She has her Belle dress on. Again. Pink tights. Pink sparkly cardy from Next. And a Hello Kitty necklace. She also has this subtle beauty of a headband on from Asda. It's so discreet! 

Verdict: Well you can't beat a dirty Belle dress if you really want to impress your mates. Not. I would have stepped in and this outfit would not have made it out the door. But as we had a play date at our house. It sufficed. 

Tomorrow: Day 6 tomorrow and Erin starts pre school (vom. Make her stop growing up now!!!!!). I have laid down the law and said no princess dresses. She's thinking a Peppa T Shirt. Lets hope she doesn't pair it with a tutu! 


  1. You certainly can't beat a princess dress! x

    1. No you defo can't! I was thinking of one day putting my wedding dress on and having a princess tea party. Indoors obviously. I would look mad! However. I would have to lose two stone to fit in it mind! X


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