Day 6 of Letting Go

Ahhhh my little munchin started preschool class today! How is this possible? How has this happened? She's too tiny. She has been in the local nursery for a couple of months to get her settled but she's now doing three long mornings a week.

To prep for the big event we chose her outfit the night before. I work Wednesdays and Fridays so I wanted to make sure she was happy with what she was wearing. And also that she didn't kick off for my Mom in the morning and persuade her to wear another princess outfit!

She went with a denim skirt from Mothercare sale, tshirt from tu at Sainsburys and striped tights from Matalan. Nanny San also took Erin to poundland on the way back and brought her the little pink bag (Erin loves poundland so much, it's unreasonable how much). 

Verdict: this is a good outfit. I am happy with her choice and she knew she had to wear something relatively sensible. And no huge Disney clip!!! Well done Erin 10/10. 

Tomorrow: The last day of my little experiment. She's got pre school again so let's see what she chooses. I get to take her tomorrow which I'm looking forward to. After tomorrow I need to decide whether to carry on having more input. Mmmm decisions decisions...
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