Grab your wellies kids! We're going on an adventure!

One of the best things about having sprogs is the fact that you can legitimately do 'kiddy' things without looking a bit weird. Come on you know occasionally you like flying down a giant twirly slide into a ball pool. With a toddler this is acceptable. On your own? The police would be called. 

Now the festive season is over I can get back into taking the little ones out and about and have some cracking good fun. I'm lucky enough to live in the second city so there's lots to do. It can be a bit costly but my friends and I are adept at looking for voucher codes. I have also invested in a yearly pass for the Botanical Gardens (it sounds boring but it's ace, there's talking birds and an adventure playground) and Drayton Manor (£30 for Erin and I! Seriously what a bargain. It's hard to resist the temptation my to go every single day). 

I love just packing them in the car with a picnic and a cheeky fruit shoot (jeez Erin loves a fruit shoot) and going off on a little adventure. It can be to the local woods, or Thomas Land, or a museum. Even better if one of my friends with their little ones can attend. It's ace. And I know it's such a short time frame before my children will not want me to sit on rides with them or collect leaves to do some autumn paintings when we get home. 

Below are some pics from my adventures last year. I'm looking forward to lots more in 2014. I'm a bit more confident driving on the motorway now so maybe one day we can venture to the beach without the husband! So kids. Grab your wellies. We're off on an adventure!

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