Just the two of us.

Don't get me wrong I love my two little sprogs so much. But I'll be honest the first sixth months were hard. Like really hard. I had a potty training toddler (which is horrific in itself) and a baby that didn't really like sleeping anywhere but in my arms. It was hard, hard work. 

Six months on and there is light at the end of the tunnel. Ok my days are generally trying to get the baby to stop eating dog food or pulling his sisters hair or trying to get the toddler to stop poking him or grabbing toys off him. But then there's moments of calm. Moments like below. Where they are actually. Gasp. Quiet. (Granted they were engrossed in Baby Jake, must have been a well exciting episode). 

I can see that eventually they will be the best of friends. And will play and probably won't need me so much (sob). So for now I will put up with the rowing and crying as long as I'm at the centre of it all. Because before long I will be the embarrassing Mom dancing to Vanilla Ice and trying to wear clothes too trendy for my age.  

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