Letting go...

Every morning Erin and I argue long and hard about what she is going to wear. At three she seems to believe she can choose her clothes. I, a complete and utter control freak, disagree. But no more! It was becoming a real issue with lots of tears (from both parties). So I'm giving her a chance. For one week she can wear WHATEVER she wants. There is one rule NO party dresses. Unless of course it is a party. Or every day would be a party dress day. This is a guarantee. 

So each morning I shall post the outfit she chooses and hopefully by the end of the week I will be able to embrace that my little baby girl is growing up and let her have a little more say in what she wears. 

She will also get the odd chance to pick something nice (and cheap) from the shops she would like to wear. So here goes:


Curses. Today she proved me wrong and chose a rather splendid outfit. Top was from TU at Sainsburys. Short and tights combo Next sale. Little faux dark brown uggs Primark. She also popped in a spotty grip (it didn't match but I took a deep breath and let it go, god forbid she wears her Monday pants on Wednesday. I will have a breakdown). Then we had a little walk round the shops. 

Pick a grip I said and Erin picked this subtle combo from H&M. I'm sure both grips combined are the actual size of her head but they made her happy so no doubt these will feature a lot over this week until she accidentally loses them (in my bin). 

Verdict: Day 1's outfit twas a triumph! Well done Erin. But you must try harder with your accessory purchases. 

Tomorrow: Day 2 Erin chooses a party outfit to wear to her brothers 1st birthday party. I'm already worried. Those bloody grips best not make an appearance. 
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