Tuesday, 14 January 2014

My daughter is a hoarder. Fact.

The girl has a vast amount of toys. Loads and loads. Beautiful dollies from Cath Kidston. A toy castle where all the models sing Disney princess songs. Yet all she wants to play with can only be described as. Well crap. 

She spends most of the day filling 'handbags' with just rubbish. Pure rubbish. There is no rhyme nor reason to this rubbish. It's random bits of tat she has found in the playroom and she hoards them in a variety of bags all around the house. 

Today she asked if she could take her handbag to ballet. I said yes of course. She spent the next half hour "packing a bag". So right she is off to ballet. What useful stuff may she have included in her bag. Ballet shoes? A spare bobble? Maybe a ballerina doll?

No. She packed the below:

Please behold the 'bagocrap'. 

Please note the most useless of items; one Hello Kitty clip on earring, one Cinderella dolls shoe, half a beauty and beast watch, a rubber and also an old make up brush. What the hell? Why all this particular crap? Of all the possessions she owns she felt the need to have all of this with her. 

I think it's quite a common theme with little girls. I have visited friends houses where the girl has filled their children's bags with their crap. For hours. Once the girl and her little mate did this in virtual silence. Filling a giant Disney princess suitcase. Whilst both wearing two hats each. 

The girl modeling her 'bagocrap'.

I don't get it. I don't get the game. Or why it is fun? I wish I could get in her brain and see why she goes "today I need to have a harmonica with me and a tatty old free Mr Tumble phone". It. Is. Bizarre.

But to be honest. If it occupies her for a bit she can pack as many bags with random rubbish as she likes. As long as I don't get to work and find my handbag contents replaced with a dice, a tiny chewed Peppa book and a glittery Disney princess pencil. 


  1. I feel your pain - my son is the same way. In fact if I took a picture of his room it would look like a tornado ran through it... He has so many toys that he just recently celebrated a birthday and has 10 unopened toys that he isn't even caring about opening.

    1. We hid half of my boys toys till the summer. Its just relentless rubbish everywhere!!! Drives me bonkers. That and raisins. I do a sweep once a month and get rid of loads of tat. Only for it to be filled up again within 24hrs! xxx

  2. My boys are the same tho we don't have hand bags. They re fill party or gift bags etc. Also when we we go stay at nanny's they each get to pack a small bag of toys and its always random ones like bouncy balls, mc Donalds toys and the rubbish ones you get in party bags!

    1. Oh the party bag! The girl loves a party bag especially now get little brother gets one too and clearly doesn't care about it. All those tiny bits of tat. Grrrrrr xxx

  3. Ha ha, love this! My boys don't fill bags, more like rooms...! X

  4. My not-quite-2-year-old daughter does much the same around the house with a toy shopping trolley. A bag lady in the making!

    1. We have the toy trolly full of crap too. So annoying!!!! xxx


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