My name's Emma. I'm addicted to Reality TV.

I have touched on this before but I love reality TV. Yeah you are thinking she watches the odd episode of TOWIE. Maybe dabbles in a bit of Big Brother. No but really I love it. Like love it.
For every series of Big Brother since Cameron (such a dull man) won my friends and I have held a BB launch night party and a final party. We've even dressed up as characters. God it sounds weird when written down. It's not weird. Ok it's a bit weird. But we have a right old laugh. And then get all sad when it ends and they do that bit. You know the bit where they do all like ghostly voices of all the housemates that have left. Kills me every time.
I have enablers who are equally addicted to reality programmes like me. They feed my habit. We can have full conversations about these people like you know, they are real? When they divorce. We are sad. When they are cheated on. We are enraged. I mean don't get me started on Khloe Kardashian. I could talk for hours about that poor girl.
Some of my dirty stash of reality TV box sets.
The problem is that each of my family and friends watch maybe two or three of these shows. But I like all of them. Be it programmes about teen moms in America or a dwarf family running a farm or even better one of those programmes about happy conjoined twins. I am captivated. My sky plus is full to the brim of Real Housewives of various places that I probably will never visit. 
I have thought long and hard about why I'm addicted to these programmes. Does it mean there is something lacking in my life? Do I need more friends? Does it make me a sad and lonely person? Actually it is the total opposite, it makes me so happy!
I don't go out as much as I did now I have two little ones.  I love them to pieces but a Mom of toddler and baby is not exactly living the high life. Reality TV is an escape. Some of their lives are so far removed from my own life I find it fascinating. Sometimes I get up at 5am just to get my fix before the children awake. Especially after Made in Chelsea and TOWIE. With my early mornings I find it impossible to stay up late. Anything past 9pm is just not happening for me.
I think I may write a bit more on here about reality TV. Especially as Celeb BB is proving such joyous viewing. I could write reams and reams about the wrongness of Lee Ryan. Seriously. He has the morals of an alley cat. Pure TV gold.
So if you know what a slut drop is, watched Kourtney pull her own baby out or regulary shout BBBOTS you're either my sister (equally obsessed) or you're part of a select group of individuals who enjoy marvelling at the car crashes of other people's lives. 
Got to go. Real Housewives of Miami is about to start...
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