Toddler Tips to help with starting Pre-School

My girl started preschool last week. Despite having attended nursery regularly since she was nine months old she really has had some issues with going in three long mornings a week. It's been a bit of a nightmare but I've come up with some little tips that have worked in the case of my girl. She's a strong willed little monkey so if they work on her they should work on any child!

Clearly I'm not going to bribe her everyday as I would be poor beyond belief (it had got so bad I was a bit tempted mind). But what we have done this week is said to her if she goes with no fuss every morning, on her way back home on Friday she gets to pick a magazine. The trick being my girl generally always has a magazine each week anyway (aren't they a rip off?) but now it's a reward. She hasn't cottoned on. Shhhh. Don't tell her. 

Also just brought these little beauties from Home Bargains. Some reward stickers. I'm going to make a reward chart for her so she can put a sticker on each day she goes to preschool well. 

Time for School
I series linked a great programme on CBeebies (daily at 4:30pm) called 'Time For School'. It shows children starting primary school. Before preschool this morning we had a bit of quiet time whilst my boy was napping so we watched a couple of episodes of this. They are only ten minutes long. We talked about what the children did and referred it back to her teachers and new little friends. It's a brilliant programme and well worth watching with your 3 and 4 year olds. 

My girl doesn't have uniform at her preschool as its within a nursery setting. So I make a big deal about her letting her pick her own clothes the night before. She only ever wants to wear skirts and dresses so today I popped out and brought some dead cheap denim ones from Asda. I chose denim as they will put up with the general wear and tear of playing at preschool. She can combine these with her vast array of horrible Disney T-Shirts. Oh and even more horrible Peppa headbands. When she does eventually wear uniform I will make sure she picks some dead snazzy knickers to wear with it - so she still feels like she has a bit of her style involved (i.e Princess pants!).

Each week my girl has homework and I make special quiet time for us to do it together. I also brought her a snazzy new homework folder and bag (Disney Princess natch). Which she chose. She likes the feeling of being grown up.

Suck it up and fib a bit
When my girl is having a cry as I leave I fib. It's bad but I just fib. I make out my day is going to be the worlds most boring horrible day in the world ever. And if her little lip drops as I leave her. I blow her a kiss and run away as fast as I can trying not to have a little sob myself! 

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