The 'Daddy' Effect

Let me open by saying my husband is an amazing Dad and this is in no way, shape or form a criticism of his Fatherly abilities. He baths them every night. He has no issues taking them out for the day and changed his fair share of stinking nappies.

What I find odd is this. When in the presence of their Dad the children just go well mental. Just plain bonkers. For example today I had looked after them from 7am. We had snacks, went to soft play, did some drawing and watched a bit of tele. All calmly. The girl even managed to bagsy some good girl stickers (a 'kind and sharing one' and a 'ate all my dinner' one). Their Dad walks through the door at 5.45pm and you would have thought I had locked them in a cage all day and fed them Mars bars and litres of Coca Cola.

Oinking at pigs.  

They shouted and screamed, delighted by his arrival. The boy actually shook with pure joy. Then Erin had a random tantrum. She ran and hid behind her chair, hurt her hand and sobbed and sobbed. As I type I can hear the baby wailing whilst Ste bathes him.

About to throw two children down a slide. 

It's not the time of day as it happens when he is around on the weekend. They run and shout and climb and roll and tumble and clamber and even the dog gets involved. And there is so much noise! But they all look so bloody happy.

Riding a tiny pink scooter. 

So this is just a note to my husband. Sometimes you come in and the house is like an asylum but I do look after them and generally they are beautifully relaxed and calm. They are fed healthy food (and the odd chocolate coin) and I in no way shape or form make them drink highly caffeinated pop. It's you. You make them crazy. But ala Beyonce they are (cheese alert) 'crazy in love' with you. PS just try and knock the noise on the head when it's my time for a lie in. Ta.

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