The final day of letting go!

Today is the last day I let my Erin choose anything she wants to wear. She was off to her second day in the big pre-school class at nursery today. She really didn't want to go as I'm staying at home with the baby. She wanted to be here at home with me. But we chose the outfit together along with some new Minnie pants and it seemed to cheer her up a bit.

She wore a spotty top from H&M, skirt from a Gap outlet store, white tights and poundland 'high heels' (obviously there was no way on Gods earth I was going to let her leave the house in these. Suri Cruise she ain't), Hello Kitty necklace and that bloomin giant Tangled headband. 

Verdict: good outfit for nursery. She loves wearing really girly clothes so I think this is a good compromise. It's practical but she still feels like she's wearing something a bit posh (posh in a three year olds eyes is a pink rara skirt). 

Conclusion: so I did it. I only stepped in once when she wanted to wear bunny ears to her brothers party. And I'll be honest she has been so much happier at getting dressed time this week. She has enjoyed choosing her clothes, and accessories. And really thinking about what she wants to wear and why. If she deems it to be a special occasion she dons a princess dress. If she wants to be comfortable she likes little skirts and tops.

I think I'm definitely going to let her have a lot more say in her clothes. In fact I may just let her pick most days. I think next time I do a big shop of clothes (I generally wait to the Next sale, hell yes I am one of those loons that queues up) I will let her come and have some input. She's growing into a proper little girl now. Not a toddler. Sob. 

And you know what there's only so many years in your life where you can wear over the top Disney headbands. And ridiculously tacky princess dresses. So I'm going to let her make the most of it before she's confined to a school uniform every day. 

Below are the seven outfits in alllllll their glory. Can't wait to show her them when she's 18 and achingly cool. 

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