Sunday, 19 January 2014

The Week That Was: 13th Jan

When I read about this idea it really appealed to me. I loved the thought of being able to look back in years to come at the things we did each week when the children were tiny and still actually wanted to hang round with me. 

So this week we were quite busy. On Monday we went to a fab soft play in Greatbridge with my friends from work who are off on maternity leave. It's really sad as we are all gradually going back to work again. But at least I get to see them still in the staff room on the days I am in (I am lucky enough to be part time). Their boys (and one girl!) are growing up so lovely. And it's nice to see the babies playing together.

Tuesday saw Erin take part in her first ballet class without me being with her. It made me so sad to see her growing up and being a big girl. She did really well and didn't cry for me once. Which made it worse for me! Sob. 

The rest of the week was consumed with getting Erin to preschool without her kicking off (bribes were involved) and looking after a poorly baby boy. Sleep has been at a minimum and I've barely seen Stephen as I've been in bed at 8pm most nights preparing for Ethan to wake at 4am. Exhausted. He's on the mend now after some antibiotics. 

Other highlights of the week were doing Erin's first homework together (she's 3? Odd), making bead necklaces with her and watching them both play with their new shop from Asda. 

Yesterday we went baking at my friends house which was lovely (see the blog on it) and today the hub is taking them both off to a party and I get the afternoon to myself!!!!! I can't believe it!!!!! What am I going to do??? Sleep? Bath? Reality tv binge? Or all three. Bring it on. 

See you all next week!


  1. Homework at age 3? Starting them early now!! Erin looks so cute in her ballerina gear :)

    Thank you so much for linking up to #TWTWC! xx

    1. She's got two pieces this week?! What's that all about!!!! Homework sucks. And I'm a teacher! x

  2. Playing shop looks like lots of fun #TWTW

    1. The shop was the biggest bargain ever. A tenner in the sale!!! xxx

  3. A busy week, so bitter sweet when they start being independent, on one hand your full of pride but then sad they no longer need you as much.
    Glad Ethan is on the mend, horrid when they are poorly.
    My twins are 4 and have crazy amounts of homework already

    1. This week I have to make a poster about a country and provide food for everyone from that country but it has to be gluton free and contain no nuts?????? Now seriously. That's a bit much. Erin is not going to help me with that at all!!! xxx


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