Thursday, 30 January 2014

Trendy Thursday: Toddler Clothes Haul

For those familiar with my 'spirited' (make of that what you will) toddler Erin, you will be aware that she is uber choosy over her clothes. It is irritating and drives me to distraction. As it is pay day today (hallelujah!) I decided as a treat to pick her up from preschool and let her choose a few clothes at our local shops. 

We first hit Boots and their 'mini club' range. There is an offer on at present. Buy one get one half price. This combined with my parents club advantage card points and a 20% odd voucher meant I got nearly £30 worth of clothes for just under £20! Also if you pop your card in one of those advantage machines you can often get £5 off when you spend £20 on clothes. 

Erin knew we mainly needed to look for cardys and tights. She chose this simple pink cardy and a spotty one too. Both brilliant for preschool. I know that they will wash and, more importantly, tumble dry well. 

Tights are an issue. As she wears them everyday (refuses a trouser or a legging. I once mentioned traccy bottoms. All hell broke loose!). So I splashed out on these ones as tights from other shops like Primark just do not last long enough. Her gusset always ends up round her knees (we've all been there. It is a horrible feeling). 

Next we went to George at Asda. Erin is obsessed with Disney and I must admit I HATE and LOATHE character tops but Erin loves them so much. So I got her this little Sophia top (£5). She teemed it with this dead cheap (£4) denim skirt. She has three of these. Which is ridiculous but she wears them all the time. 

We opted for two more cardys. A beaut flowery one with cute flower buttons for £8 and a sparkly one with a lace trim for £10. Erin is under strict instructions this sparkly one is not for preschool. She literally would get spaghetti or paint or poo or worse someone else's poo down it within 3 mins. 

So after our little splurge (well as much as you can splurge at Asda and Boots) Erin is super excited for preschool tomorrow. And I can relax knowing we will not be having the usual morning 'discussion' (fight).  
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  1. Love the flowery cardi and the spotty one. you've obviously got an independent and stylish little girl. And good to know about the Boots stuff. Think I've got some extra points vouchers - although the boys stuff is severely lacking and generally not available in n's size when I go in.

    1. I must admit I get mainly girls things from there and the sale is brilliant as I think you can still use the vouchers? I also like the fact I can tumble dry it. Some of the cheaper brands don't wash well do they? xxx

  2. I love shopping for girls there's so much cute stuff around. Those Boots cardis and tights are gorgeous. I do love their stuff! My girls live in skirts and dresses and have only recently started wearing leggings under them. You can't go wrong with denim skirts, so handy x

    1. Erin refuses a legging. Even the wooly tights ones it is a nightmare. I think it's because I wear a lot of dresses and thick tights and she wants to copy me bless her xxx

  3. I really like Mini Club clothes. I think they're a lot like John Lewis clothing in design and quality but slightly cheaper (I also think that John Lewis kids clothes are rather like Boden and Jules but again, cheaper!!). I wish my local Boots stocked their clothes. You can buy online of course, but I often forget!

    I also detest character tops... why is they look so tacky? They look fine on children though, and they love them of course. It's just us parents that don't! x

    1. My mom is so kind and buys Erin lots of clothes but we had to have words when she started buying coats and shoes with characters on. It drove me mad! Head to toe character is acceptable in two places only: Eurodisney or Peppa World!!! xxx


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