Two Can (or rather can't) Play That Game

There is a massive issue in my house and it revolves around a concept that I would like to call 'playing'. Now I thought playing was supposed to be like a super ace thing that children should love doing. But in my household playing always starts off like this:

See how much fun we are having! 

All happy and lovely and children having loads of fun and just generally fab times all round. But within, and I swear this is no word of a lie, two minutes it ends up like this:

Weep sob scream and so on. 

Every single fricking time. It is driving me utterly bonkers. Why are my children incapable of playing nicely together? It baffles my brain. We can all be having loads of fun playing in their little playroom shops or tea parties or anything really. I leave the room to make a call or a cup of tea or even god forbid use the toilet (how very dare I!) and within the tinest amount of time there is screaming. Or crying. Or shouting. Generally all three. 

Granted they are only three and one. And the one year old is transpiring to be the most destructive of little boys and enjoys the odd hair pull. But please tell me at some point they will be able to calmly play a game without trying to kill each other? Is it a boy/girl thing? Is it a sibling thing? Why does this happen? And more importantly when the hell will it end? 

Another thing how come Erin is a joy at preschool and I know she plays dollies and football and all sorts. And evidently is a "great" (direct quote there) sharer. But she gets home and woe betide the baby if he wants to play with any random bit of tat she is playing with. She just kicks off. The other day the prized possession they both were in desperate need of was. Half a rubber. Not even a whole rubber. Half. Jeez. 

So please put my mind at rest. Please tell me there is some light at the end of the tunnel. And I will be able to wee at some point in the future without hearing a child scream. 

Occasionally we get on. 

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