Water - Toddler Tantrum Tears

The word in The Theme Game this week is water. I had a good old think and it came to me. I get to write something and include one of my all time favourite photos of my daughter. Ever.

Now. Don't worry. No children were hurt in this picture. This picture sums up the face that my three year old has been doing for about 8 months now. The moaning, weeping, whining face. The water I am going to talk about is, toddler tantrum tears. 

By the look on Erin's face you could be forgiven in thinking that her beloved dog Lucy had been killed in an horrific accident. Or that she has broken her leg in a ball pool collision. No. She is pulling this face. Because. Wait for it. I called her Pat Butcher (due to her ridiculous clip on earrings). Yes. It was that heinous a crime. How dare I refer to her as a tv character that she has no clue who I'm talking about. She wept loudly and shouted and screamed "I'm not Pat Butcher". This made me laugh. So I took a picture. Which made her scream and cry more. Which resulted in more laughing. And so on. You get the picture. 

My toddler turned two and a half and became the stroppiest child ever. She pretty much has cried continuously for 8 months. Over clothes I have chosen for her to wear or food I have decided to feed her or if her brother won't share his toys or even if he does want to share his toys. My recent years maternity leave was mainly not spending time getting my baby to stop crying. But in getting Erin to stop. It has been relentless. 

I am glad to say she seems to be coming out of this phase. I'm not sure if this is because she is growing up a bit or maybe because I am a bit of a no nonsense Mom. I am a teacher and have been for a decade now. In quite a tough senior school. So I am used to the ways of manipulative children. Unless she is seriously hurt or in distress. I tell Erin to suck it up and get on with it. 

To the outside world it may look a bit harsh. For example if she's weeping in Asda and old ladies look sad and say "oh someone's not happy" whilst shaking their heads. They think I am mean ignoring her. But it literally will be the 50th time she has had a bit of a winge. Starting with the fact she wanted to wear Hello Kitty socks and there was only Belle ones washed. I can guarantee if she's crying in Asda it's because I won't cave in and buy her a Peppa toy. Defo. 

My girl is 90% a joy to behold and is fun and full of life and sparkles. But the other 10% of the time she is weeping (whilst typing this I can hear her crying upstairs with her Dad, something to do with her foot?). So when I think of water I think of toddler tantrum tears. And the above picture which will forever make me laugh and laugh and laugh. And it's so going to be used on T Shirts for her hen do. 
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