Sunday, 5 January 2014

What a week!

Whilst on maternity leave I ever so often found myself at a loose end when both children were napping (the dream!). So I began looking on the net for some company. Not that type of company! Like Mom friends company. I randomly stumbled across the delightful Sprinkle of Glitter and my love affair with blogs/vlogs began.

I didn't have time when my boy was a baby as it was a bonus when I got through the day unscathed and not weeping (who knew toddlers and babies are a bad combo? Well obviously not me). But when I returned to work only two days a week (previously was a full time working Mom but my school allowed me to come back this time part time. Ace) I found myself going from being a head of department with responsibilities back to being a teacher with non (bar well like teaching children which is clearly important). I felt mentally bored and a bit useless really.

So with a bit of pushing from my sister Claire (author and stand up, on twitter @wettster) I decided to have a go. And a week later I am really happy I did! It's been a steep learning curve and I didn't realise there were soooo many blogs. Of all different shapes and sizes but I've really loved having a peek in at lots of lovely and different lives.

My new early morning office. Tea courtesy of Cath. Cat is Babs. 12 and batty. 

I've written quite a lot and I'm sure this will stop as I'm back at work this week but I aim to do a little piece most days with two main weekly 'features'. I've had lots of page views which is exciting and have made lots of new friends on twitter (@emconway).

So thank you Sprinkle of Glitter for inspiring me to do something a bit different. I'm rabidly excited about 2014 and sharing my little mundane life with the lot of you. If you want me too write about something or want to know more about me just let me know!

See you soon! x



  1. Welcome fellow Brummy Mummy :) I look forward to reading more-lovely to meet you.

  2. Ive been blogging a whole year now. It is a great new year resolution I adore! ! Welcome ;) looking forward to reading your next posts. If u want to show off ur blog i know some fab linkys u can join* Cara

    1. It is so much fun! Now what on earth is a Linky? I think I'm being a bit thick but could you explain what one is and I'm sure I'd like to join one! I'm new to all this jargon xxx

  3. Welcome to the blogging world! :) It's such a wonderful experience.

    1. I'm really enjoying it so far. Nice to meet you! xxx


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