Word of the Week: Money

The word of my week this week is:

Thank the actual lord that we were paid this week. Seriously. I have been living off thin air and it's lucky we had some of Erin's nappies left as Ethan has been wearing them!  Tiny bottom in huge big girl nappies. Ha ha. 

December in the Conway household is a joke. It's my bday. Then Erin's bday. Then our wedding anniversary. Then Christmas. Then Ethan's birthday. All within five weeks of each other. My poor, poor husband is a broken man come the start of January. 

To ease the pain we are saving now. For December (!). It's a beaut month and I love it but I was a little bit glad it was over and we could all get back on with our lives. I'm part time now and I'll be honest money's a smidge tight.  

I went out today and brought a few bits and pieces. Oh 'twas a joy. And you know what? Nothing says pay day better than taking the kids for tea at Asda! Rock. N. Roll. 
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