Word of the Week

I'm typing this with one hand at 5.09am. With a poorly baby in my arms. He's got a stinking cold. It's horrible. But it's meant the word of my week is: 

I'm just plain knackered. He's been up at 3:30am most mornings. And at 5am I give up and get up with him. This combined with my daughter not wishing to attend preschool has made for a very tiring week. 

Tired is bad as it makes you a bit short tempered and crackers. I find myself being a bit emotional and sometimes sob at the oddest thing. 

Sleep is definitely at a minimum when you become a parent. With the first few months mainly containing. Well. Non!

However a poorly boy does mean lots of  cuddles which is ace. And a feeling of you really being needed. 

Tonight. I'm going to have a sneaky Malibu, a Chinese and I will watch celeb bb. And I'll be so happy doing this. Because tomorrow it's the hubs turn to get up. Boom!!!!!!

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