Wednesday, 19 February 2014

And the winner of Best Breakthrough Act is...

It's the Brits tonight and I would like to be considered for Best Breakthrough Act. I would be up against Tom Odell, Disclosure and Bastille.  Let's be honest I am cooler than them. I know all the words to Vanilla Ice and sometimes I get crazy drunk on Malibu and caffeine free Diet Coke. In my acceptance speech I would not only offer thanks to Annie the musical for being my inspiration but also I would do that thing like Jarvis Cocker did when he waved his hands behind his bum whilst Michael Jackson sang Earth Song.

Ok. This is never going to happen. I would make an atrocious pop star. Nothing to do with my poor singing voice. I have the voice of an actual angel (I don't). But I am a little bit well lazy? Like I can look after my kids great and I love my job but generally I enjoy sitting in my jamas with a cup of tea eating fruit pastilles.

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Soooooo the only award I could ever win probably would be a MAD Blog award? For this I don't have to sing, or be super thin or get off with a celeb (however I wouldn't mind that bit). For this award I can indeed be successful sitting in my jamas, drinking tea and eating fruit pastilles. I can also do it in the comfort of my living room with Real Housewives of Beverly Hills on in the background. 

So I will never ever be nominated for Best Breakthrough Act at the Brits but please give me the chance to be nominated for Best Newcomer at the MADs? That would be ace. And if I did win? I may even be tempted to do that Jarvis Cocker thing.



  1. Might make you sing if you win though ;) Thanks for posting. Good luck!
    MADs Editor


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