Beaut Botanical Gardens

Hooray! It happened! It really happened! The sun actually came out! Thank The Lord. We grabbed our wellies and headed out to Birmingham Botanical Gardens. I brought a year pass when I was on maternity leave and intend to keep renewing it as it is such a fantastic place to visit. There is loads to do and my little fam and I bloody love it.
There's lots of weird and wonderful plants to look at as well as some huge fish in the warm tropical rooms. Also there is a lovely bird house with lots of different breeds of birds. I'm not sure if we are mad but the girl and I swear one of the parrots replies when we say hello to it. 
Alas the discovery playground bit was closed today which was a shame as that's our favourite place but I think a tree had blown over in it. There is another adventure playground bit and we all had a great time. Even the hub who had to go down the slide and climb over everything for the kids sake. Not because he loves it. No way (he loves it).
What I love most about the Botanical Gardens is the fact that even when it is busy you still feel completely alone as it is really big. There are lots of little nooks and crannies and places to hide or find pine cones. Also, now don't get me wrong I heart dogs and have one myself, but dogs aren't allowed here so there is no fear of dog poo. Which I somehow always find myself falling in or treading on. Or worse pushing the buggy through. Vom. 

We had a great morning out in the actual fresh air and not stuck indoors watching Minnierella for the 4000th time. Roll on summer and more lovely days like this. 

Daddy makes us mega lol!


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