Boingy Beachy Bognor!

Last weekend we went to the brilliant Butlins in Bognor. We had a fantastic holiday with the rents and enjoyed all the things on offer like meeting Scooby Doo or watching Dick and Dom. But the biggest joy was. Wait for it...the sun came out! Tra la la laaaaaaaaaa! Oh it was fab. So we had some good old fashioned British seaside fun.

The girl went on the free Butlins trampolines. And this was the first time I noticed that she actually tried to remain balanced rather than bumbling about like a drunken monkey. Bar one bit where I asked her to jump to the camera. She did. And in the process smashed my camera into my head. It was a stupid idea.

We also managed to have a nice afternoon at the beach. It was beaut. And joy of joys it was a pebbled beach. Je deteste le sand. It gets up me crack and fills up me Mom bag, including somehow getting into the sudocrem. The boy loved the sea and was so happy picking up and throwing stones.  The girl loved having a nice paddle. Until, you remember in the Vicar of Dibley when she jumps in a puddle and it goes over her head? She did that. And we had to make a pit stop to buy some new clothes!

Perfect lovely sunny family fun. Roll on more times outdoors as the weather gets warmer...


                  Country Kids from Coombe Mill Family Farm Holidays Cornwall  

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