If you have read past blogs (especially 'Letting Go') you will know my 3yo girl is mmmmm well as my Nan calls it "spirited". She's ace. Her favourite forms of expression are singing (she literally has the worst voice I have ever heard. It is hilarious) and clothes. 

I was tootling around upstairs last week and she was mute. Mute worries me. Mute means getting make up and smearing it all over the bed (this has been done) but no instead I found the below. 

She had dragged her little tooth brushing stool and was rifling through her wardrobe to decide on that days ensemble (which alas transpired to be black polka dot tights, a wooly skirt and a too tight T shirt). She was concentrating so hard bless her. This has now become a daily occurance. 

And if keeps her quiet for a few minutes? Well then everyone is a winner!

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