Thursday, 20 February 2014

Do What You Like

Today I got my first ever Tots 100 rating. And I hit the heady heights of. Wait for it. Hold your breath. Sit down for this 1084! Ta daaaaaaaaaa! Ok this doesn't sound that great however I am using an analogy for my score and shall refer myself to Gary Barlow (bear with me) for the next few paragraphs.

When I (Gary) released Do What You Like in 1991 I thought for sure we would maybe get in the top 40. I thought the idea of me and the lads writhing around in jelly whilst two (a bit young for this kind of shenanigans) girls rubbed our bums with mops was a winner! Alas we only made it to number 82 in the charts. 

TOTS100 - UK Parent Blogs

Was I deterred by this? No was I heck (to be said in a dead northern accent). I went on to write some marvellous songs and made videos where I didn't have to wear bondage or have jelly up me crack. Look at me now! I'm a general all round housewives favourite and everyone including the Queen loves me! 

End of analogy. I'm dead happy (to be said in a Brummie accent) I got just out of the Top 1000. And if anything it's made me want to write more and hone my skills and try even harder. And I can do all of this in my living room and there is no jelly in sight! Bar when my kids consume it obv. 

And now for a decaf tea to celebrate! 


  1. It's a great start! Around 10,000 blogs, remember?! I've just checked my first ranking, back in August last year, and it was 1047 - so there you go, you'll be top 100 in 6 months or so... :)

    1. Ha ha! Hopefully. I think the hub will have left me by then mind. Its quite a lot of hard work isn't it? Thanks for all your help and support. Looking forward to meeting in April! xxx


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