Fun on the Farm

As it was half term week this week which means I have both children by myself all week I thought I would get out of the house and take them on an adventure. I am skint beyond belief due to stupid passport stupid renewal stupidness so needed somewhere fun. And cheap!

I got up early, packed literally the mother of all picnics (hell yeah there was a fruit shoot and those little Cadbury animal biscuits. The girls dream combo) and headed down the road to West Brom and off to Sandwell Valley Country Park. 

I must admit the adventure park playground is fantastic there. I mean really good. I'm not generally a fan of muddy outdoorsy places but this is great. They also have added some new bits and bobs to it this year like musical instruments and a weird walkway thingymebob (technical term).

As well as your bog standard swings and slides there is also a great sand area for tiny tots as well as those big swings that you can lie on. Which I'll be honest. I bloody love! 

We then took a slow walk over to the farm. It's £1.90 in for adults. Under fives are free. Clearly the girl wanted to eat her picnic straight away. So we sat in the little warm indoorsy bit to eat it, there is also a tea room. Then we had a look around the animals.

What I like about the farm is there is lots for little ones to look at. Animal statues or plants or giant draft boards. There's also a couple of little shops. 

We had an ace time and I could manage quite easily with the two of them and no help which is always a bit daunting. Bar the fact the only picture the three of us got together that day was below! I defo intend to go lots and lots as the weather (eventually) gets warmer. 

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