I want to break free...

The theme of the week this week is glass. And I thought I would talk about my children's obsession with the most dangerous of materials. The way they have fallen in love with it's magical see through quality. The weather the past few days has been utterly shocking. We have been trapped inside and there is only so many times we can go to soft play or have another bloomin princess tea party. 

Yesterday we had grand plans for ballet and also to attend my school's matinee performance of Little Shop of Horrors. And then. It snowed!  It was raining hard, this turned into the craziest blizzard I have ever seen. So we had to scrap ballet plans. The boy was rabid as he had never seen proper snow. 

The snow came fast and furious and the two sprogs ran (and crawled) to the back porch window to watch. The girl giving the boy a play by play on what snow is. It's white and cold and comes from the sky. The boy was just banging the glass like a loon. Desperately trying to escape and giving me a heart attack in the process. He loved it! 

It reminded me of another story about glass and the heart attack factor that your children are just going to smash straight through it. The girl had started to drop her naps. Here and there. I put her upstairs for a quick one. About half hour later I could hear loud, manic banging. I popped my head round the door. To find her standing. On the window sill. Trying to get the attention of the neighbours, acting like she was Rapunzel being locked away in the tower, screaming blue murder. I hasten to add. I never put her down for another one. 

So curse you glass and your see throughness. You offer my children a window to a world they aren't allowed to visit by themselves. Yet. 

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