Monday, 10 February 2014

Living Arrows 10/2

The girls preschool homework this week is make a puppet with an expression. So that's what we did. Using a kit of course. I'm not bloomin Mr Maker! It's amazing now how she can actually do arts and crafts without a) making a complete and total mess or b) making something that needs to basically live in a bin. We made three in the end. As you can see she was proud of her mermaid one. Oh and she is dressed as Rapunzel for no good reason. 

                     living arrows



  1. Brilliant - and what a great photo! I love these challenges you get from nursery. We had to make a snowman for a competition. Stayed up till 1am finishing it only to discover everyone won! Super late posting Living Arrows this week!

    1. Ha ha ha. I would have been fuming. I'll be honest I am buying any sets from supermarkets that can help me with the homeworks. Which is probably cheating but needs must. I doubt she will do a puppet making GCSE! xxx

  2. Don't we all just dress as rapunzel for no good reason from time to time? ;0) Gorgeous photo! xx


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