Monday, 3 February 2014

Nice Cat

So today is a sad day in the Conway household. Babs, aka nice cat as Erin calls her, has been put to sleep. So I thought I would write a bit about her. A kind of eulogy to the worlds nicest cat. Better than allll your cats (don't disagree I am in mourning).

Nine years ago I dragged a fresh faced Ste to the local cats home. It was a place I liked to go a lot. I got Stinky Pete from there. And despite earning 2p a year I thought it was time to get another kitty. We saw Babs. Thought she was a kitten and said we wanted her. Transpired she was three and a half. The same as Pete.

Stinky and Babs. Bffs? Or ignoring each other?

We then did a bizarre ritual where we took Pete to the cats home to see if they got on. Pete hid and scowled and was mean. But he is always mean so we took this to mean that they were going to be bffs. In fact they have ignored each other for the subsequent nine years.

Babs has been a proper ace cat. Lovely and friendly. Always desperate for a stroke or a cuddle. One might say she may have took getting all up in someone's grill a bit far. But she was adorable.

Sleeping on our bed. Babs fav spot. 

I don't want to get all sad and maudlin but instead tell my two fav Babs stories. 1) I went on holiday once and my lovely chum Charlotte offered to feed the cats. Whilst we were away though it transpired that Babs had learnt how to take the front door off the latch. Seriously. And left my house open for all the world to rob. She can open both front and back doors. She is a cat Houdini.

2) Babs is so placid. However one day she and Erin were 'playing' in Erin's bedroom. I heard a cat style screech and sobbing from Erin. She ran in and had little puncture marks all over her head from where Babs had bit her. I asked her why Babs had bit her. Transpires cats don't like having princess grips dotted throughout their fur. Lesson learnt. 

Beautiful Babs. 

So farewell beautiful, beautiful Babs. A family with tiny tots could not have asked for a more lovelier cat. You have been a pleasure to live with and love. Lots of people will miss you and in his own way Stinky Pete will too (he won't give a s**t).

All our love. See you on the other side. Erin says there's TV and chocolate in heaven so you will have a great old time. 

Em, Ste, Erin, Ethan, Lucy and Stinky Pete xxxxx 

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  1. Bless her. Don't really blame her for getting a bit miffed about the princess grips. I hole she's enjoying her TV and chocolate. Thanks for sharing with #TheThemeGame

  2. Babs sounds like she was a bit of a character! But are you sure Charlotte didn't spin you a yarn about her talents with the latches??! You've just reminded me of the time my family of four cats did a Mission Impossible style heist involving smuggling all of our neighbour's knitting out of her cat flap, over our fence and in through our cat flap. We caught one of them trying to yank a knitting needle in and then discovered three or four balls of wool were already through. I think it was the most awkward conversation my Mum ever had to have when she took it all back!!

  3. Sounds like such a nice cat to have around! You must miss her. Mel #TheThemeGame

  4. So sorry for your loss it can definitely be hard losing a pet


  5. Ah, bless Babs. The princess clips would have been too much for anyone, I think! Hope she's happy on the other side x Thanks for sharing with #TheThemeGame x


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