The girl has been struggling to go to ballet as she is missing me being able to sit in with her. When children turn three they have to go it alone. This week I thought I would try a new approach rather than us both just losing our rag and having a stressful half hour before it starts.  

So 1) I let her wear what she wants. When you see below I don't often let her go out to feed the ducks in a party frock, sparkly cardy and biker boots 2) on the way to ballet we pass a tiny little duck pond so I thought each week we could go there pre the class. 

Please do not be under the impression that we live in a tiny country village with a little duck pond and we drive through the countryside to get to the girls ever so posh ballet class. No. We live a stones through from Brum city centre and this is a very odd little bit of water on a main road. 

The ducks were super sweet and she really loved it. There was a incident with one of those big ugly not swan, not ducks, goose type birds. It bit her finger. She still mentions it now. Two years on. So she was a bit cautious at first but then got stuck in throwing the bread.

We will defo visit there every week now. Oh it was lovely!

Country Kids from Coombe Mill Family Farm Holidays Cornwall  

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