Saturday, 22 February 2014

Sat Cap!

Went out to Sandwell Valley with the sproglets this week and bunged them both on this swingy thingy. They loved it! And screamed in that weird half fear half fun way kids scream. The sun pouring over their faces and the fact the girl had clearly got so excited her dress had vanished makes me heart this piccy. So what do you think they are thinking? Can you caption it?



  1. Chuck us the suncream, mummy, it's boiling on here!
    (We wish!)

  2. Mummy, help, there is a bright thing in the sky that we've never seen before!

  3. Don't stop pushing mummy - we are in the swing of things!

    Looks like such fun and how nice that you got a sunny day too, all too rare at the moment! Thanks for joining in and have a fab weekend x

  4. Dang those tube skirts - they ride up something awful!


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