Thursday, 27 February 2014

The Duke and Duchess of Birmingham

Today the girl got her pre school homework for this week. It was to discuss future careers. I mean seriously? She's three. I knew what the answer would be. I told the teacher "well she will say Princess". The teacher said "how about discussing roles such as lollipop ladies"? "No point" I replied "she will say Princess". 

We got home. I tentatively asked what she would like to be when she was older. She came up with the following:
A Princess or
A ballerina or
A Princess ballerina or
A musical Princess ballerina or
A witch (mixing it up a bit there) or
Someone who plays games allllllllllllllll day.

See what a delicate, tidy and beautiful Princess she will make. Ahem. 

I explained that it might not quite be possible to be a Princess. And she may have to think of something else in case her dancing (ahem) career does not really follow through. Thank god she didn't say a singer, I really would have had to be honest there. She's horrific at singing. When I said all this. Her reply simply was "Yes I is". 

So the ladies and gentlemen I am proud to announce in 25 years you will be watching the Royal Wedding of Prince George and the girl. She will be the first Brummie Princess ever. The world will have "good on you bab" banners. And you know what aim high I say! Hope I get to have a dance with Harry at the reception. He's a right sort. 


  1. LOVE this!!! What a star sticking to her guns! Maybe you should try and arrange some work experience for her at the palace?!
    Give Prince Harry a snog from me! Phwoar! X

    1. I would totes give Harry a snog for you. Yum xxx

  2. How funny! My daughter would be exactly the same; princess or ballerina. Tried buying doctors kit - nope, princess it is. Love the picture!

    1. She looks insane! Such a stupid homework for a three year old. What do they expect she will say??? Fools xxx

  3. Adorable. Every little girl wants to be a princess or ballerina. What exactly is a lollipop lady, lol.

    1. Oh a lollipop lady or man is someone that helps the children across the road on their way to and from school! Not as exciting as you think. They hold like a giant lollipop. But not a real one xxx


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