Thursday, 6 February 2014

Toddler Self Portrait

Now the girl is at pre school she has been getting regular homework. I am a teacher but for some reason I am just not very good at helping her with her homework. I'm good at big kids stuff. Get me to get her to write an essay on Christians views on divorce and boom she would get an A*. Draw a monkey? Well I'm screwed. 

This weeks little beauty was for my 3yo to do a self portrait?! Say whaaat? She's three! Anyways it had to be done so if you get this terrifying task here is how we did it. 

Firstly I got some pictures of her face printed off with different expressions.  I also got my make up mirror which she is obsessed with and I drew a little bare face template. First we talked about what features are on a face. How many eyes etc. To do this I used the piccys of her. We decided to do a smiley face (thank god I was worried some sad or angry face would get pre school on the phone to me). 

Next we looked in the mirror and again together we pointed out her important features. I then gave the girl my template and got her to fill in the main bits and bobs herself (she also had an exemplar face to help, see my masterpiece in the picture above. Ahem). Finally she did a full drawing herself. 

I'll be honest it wasn't the best face I had ever seen. Mona Lisa it wasn't! But it was a start and her pre school teacher said her pencil skills will come later one. She had a good crack at it. Bagged herself an 'excellent homework' sticker. So she was happy as larry which is all that matters! 

*please note. My girl appears to be in Minnie jamas at all times. This is not the case. We just do stuff together when the crazy boy is having his morning nap. She does you know, like own clothes. Promise. 

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  1. Grace says - I think the girl has done an outstanding job and it looks like she really enjoyed doing it. PS: Nothing wrong with the jim jams!!! Thanks for linking to #minicreations

    1. She tried her best! We do love the jamas in our house. Today the children are dressed but to be honest I'm in my onesie! xxx


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