Friday, 14 February 2014

Word of the Week: Love

Some people believe Valentines Day is a load of old tosh and it is a waste of money and you should show you love your other half everyday. I fall into the total opposite point of view. I literally heart Valentines! So the word of my week this week is:

Anything that involves a bit of bunting or decorations we love in our house (see below). Any excuse to make a bit of fuss and we are there. The kids made their Grandparents heart biscuits, we brought cards for each other and I even had a little treasure hunt done by the hub. I think the whole day is about love. And not just romantic love. The love of a sibling, or parent or friend. Anyone really!  So that's my word. Love. Beautiful. 

Lucy with a bit of heart bunting and my new #loveyou mug. Happy days!

                                      The Reading Residence



  1. This is all so sweet! We don't do Valentine's really, though being a cards seller, we clearly send each other cards! And the kids enjoyed making them for each other, too, which was lovely. Loving the look of your house there- very loved up! Hope you have a lovely evening then, and thanks for joining in with #WotW x

    1. Our evening ended up with us asleep at 830pm. Ha ha ha. Oh the romance not. Stupid baby keeping us awak the night before. Grrrrr. Hope you had a nice night too xxx

  2. I hope you had a lovely day! My husband and I have a knack of travelling on Valentines Day, either separately or together :) Yesterday was no exception! #WotW

    1. We had a very quoetr and sleepy one due to lack of sleep the might before from a poorly baby. I know that the girl is I'll today as she coughed alllll night. The doom of picking up preschool bugs :( xxx


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