Yet Another Reason to be Jealous of Toddlers

I wrote a piece last month on the top ten reasons to be jealous of toddlers. I have discovered another important one.  In fact it could be the most important one. And it revolves around clothes. The crazy clothes that tiny tots can get way with, yet us adults would look like a raging bag lady in something similar.

The girl is still picking her clothes and she is quite successful most of the time. But then she comes up with this:

So we have: a kitty coat, bunny tights, a flowery dress, a different type of flowery wellie boots, a hand knitted scarf, a red headband and underneath you can't see it but yet another type of flowery cardy.  Oh and of course it goes without saying every fashionista needs a tin Minnie Mouse bag.

But look at her.  Look at the utter joy in the picking of such a mismatched, clashing outfit. She is overjoyed at wearing millions of different colours and the fact she can carry round a bag full of tat (defo the old faithful, free off a magazine, Mr Tumble phone and probably a broken bobble and the shoe of a Cinderella doll).

I'm jeal. Utterly jeal. I wish I could just pick exactly what I wanted to wear and not give a toss what anyone thought. It must be so liberating. I wore a single Cath Kidston flowery grip today in my hair and worried about it looking a bit daft. So good on you the girl! Before long you will be confined to school uniform and worse begin to worry if your friends like your clothes. Till then? Wear as many mismatched flowery combos you can get away with. 


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