Monday, 10 March 2014

365 & Living Arrows

This weeks 365 and Living Arrows features my girl. She is fully emerged in the world of fancy dress and princesses. This was the week she insisted in going to Babyballet dressed in full Rapunzel. I banned the hair as I felt she may trip over it in her tap shoes! She loved dressing up for the day and you can only get away with it for so long so good on her. I intend to go to work as Cinderella at some point. Ok so I won't as I would get the sack...but I can but dream! 

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                 living arrows


  1. lol she is just too cute :)

  2. Aw she looks adorable and so pleased with herself!

  3. So sweet. I loved playing dress up and make believe when I was growing up. Brings back memories and this will bring back memories for her when she is older. Great moment to capture.

    1. Ah thanks. One to show her boyfriends! He he he xxz


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