Date Days!

Ah the joy of the date day. A lie in, leisurely meals, booze on tap, then a trip to the cinema and falling into bed after drinking lots of expensive cocktails.

Mmmmm. That's not what this is about. It's about my new date days. Dates with my sprogs. Since the boy came along they have come as a pair and at any one time one seems to be sobbing or falling over or annoyed at what's on the tele. And so the date day was invented! 

Just a bit of one on one time with me (whilst the other one spends time with their Dad which inevitably means going to their Nans or watching football. God knows how he gets them to watch 'his' tv. Sly sod). 

So this week I had a beaut morning with my boy. We dropped the girl off at preschool, I lied and said we were going to clean the whole house. And off we went. First we had a nice cup of tea (me) and some snacks (him) in the local coffee shop. Imagine his joy at not having to share. 'twas his dream. Next we hit the local mother and baby club. Where he painted, played and got soaking wet (what idiot invented messy play?). Was ace. Just being able to focus solely on him. And getting loads of baby boy cuddles.

Date day with the girl involved me finally caving in and going to see the utter doom that is the Moshi Monsters film. I mean what the actual hell? It made no sense! What on earth is a moshling? God knows. But she found it hilarious. She loved being all grown up and picking her treats. And sitting on my lap for the whole time (ouch) whilst cuddling me without someone pulling her hair continuously. 

I plan to do lots more date days with the kidllets. Not only is it ace for them but you remember how brill it is just being with the one of them. Talking to them. Cuddling them. Not stopping fights and wiping tears. Date day rocks.

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