First Picnic of the Year!

As I am a total stingy tight arse there is nowt finer than having a picnic. I understand I have actually paid for the food. I get that but somehow it seems free? So any chance we get to go out and have one I feel we are cheating the system. And for today's little adventure I had a free child pass so it was double bargain!

We went to Wonderland in Telford. This place is hilarious! It is straight out of a horror film and is filled to the rafters with wax models. And creepy voice overs. But the kids loved. It's based on lots of nursery rhymes so there are various different scenes throughout. And bizarrely a massive Father Christmas section which confused the girl. It has lots of toddler rides and the dream that is free soft play. It is a great day out and there is lots to do. But be prepared for oddness round every corner!

Behold in the top right hand corner humpy dumpy! And the girl met Alice and Red Riding Hood. They must have missed out the bit where Alice wore wellies in the book. 

Me adhering to healthy eating by my children caning ice cream and chipsticks. The boy can be seen enjoying a mini cheddar. I believe every picnic should contain a good amount of treats to make it all seem even more exciting! Yum.

Us in the sun and the girl and the hub hanging out with goldilocks and the three bears. And here we come to my favourite photo of the whole day. Wait for it. Hold on to your hats...

Argh! Help! Save me! I shall never sleep again! Look at her eyes? Hilarious. The girl thought she was brilliant. She couldn't see that obviously at night she awakes from her slumber and terrorises the people of Telford. 

All in all a brill day with a top picnic and memories that will last a lifetime. Mainly of a psychotic Goldilocks.

                 Country Kids from Coombe Mill Family Farm Holidays Cornwall 

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