Happy St Patrick's Day!

Not sure if you know but the hub is Irish. So therefore the sprogs are half Irish. This year we decided to hit the huge Brum St Patrick's Day parade. It was a beaut day with lots of hilarious outfits and general jolly bods all around. I took loads of piccys and below are some of the best ones. 

I thought it may be nice for you to have a little look at them whilst having a Guinness and listening to the Corrs or something. The majority were took at a family friendly alcohol free zone on the day in the Custard Factory. Birmingham is wicked you know. It gets a raw deal but it really is vibrant. In this area there are loads of little vintage shops and caf├ęs. It has a great atmosphere, and to be honest I adore bunting so much and that alone makes me happy. 

So here is our Sr Patrick's Day! Enjoy and have a fab one too...


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