Monday, 24 March 2014

I charge you with breaking my Mummy's rules.

The girl is developing a renegade police force. One thats main aim is to take on adults who break my laws (I mean how dare they!). Their punishment? Simple, effective and free.....complete and utter public humiliation.

The 'Rules of my Mummy' seem to be at the forefront of her mind and woe betide any adult that breaks them. Innocent man that steps over the yellow 'do not stand over' line at a train station? My girl will ensure you will never make that mistake again by shouting at the top of her lungs to all who are listening "look at that man Mummy. He is standing over the line Mummy. He's a naughty naughty man Mummy!". No man wants to be called a 'naughty man' in this day and age. He won't be making that mistake again. And will ensure all future public transport rules are adhered too. 

Do not cross over the line! My Mummy said so! 

Lady who was happily crossing the road minding her own business. You broke the  ULTIMATE Mummy rule. You. Gasp. Dared to cross the road. When the green man wasn't showing!!!!!!! The girl was quite lenient on you. She didn't shout this time. You weren't called naughty. Oh no. However as we walked behind you down to the high street. She enjoyed telling passerbys about your crime. Random strangers now know you as the lady that broke the basic 'crossing the road on green' rules. 

My girl will take you all down one crime at a time. So next time you intend on crossing the road willy nilly or maybe push in the queue at poundland. Watch your back. She's after you. And her weapon of choice? Shame. You have been warned.

Please consider me for a BiB award! Thanks babs.


  1. My daughter does this, why are children so loud?!!

  2. Eek, I've had that embarrassment too, a few people have been told off for crossing when the red man is there. I guess because we spend so long drumming it into them, making the point, they think it's a big deal?

    1. I was secretly quite pleased she seems to be listening to me! xxx

  3. Brilliant. Love it. I'm looking forward to my son doing the same! #Wotsofunee

  4. I was once told off by my toddler when we cross the street when the red man is still on =P


    1. At least they pay attention to us. Sometimes I swear she's not listening xxx

  5. I think shame is a vastly underrated punishment tool. No need for monitoring or prisons, shame by toddler - love it!


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