I do love my kids. Honest!

Since starting my blog I have pretty much moaned all about the various aspects of motherhood. And it dawned on me today. People do know I love my children don't they? My family and friends do but the blogging world may think I am a bit of a moaner. I like to laugh at things. It's what I do. I enjoy the lowest form of wit sarcasm, greatly. And also enjoy a good old dry sense of humour. 

But I do love my children. And here is a bit of cheesy realism. They have totally changed my life. For the better. They, and I am aware I am biased, are utterly bloody brilliant creatures. Whilst there are various elements that do drive me bonkers most of the time they make me so so happy. 

The girl is three at present and she is a mini me. She talks like me. She is bossy like me. She is stubborn like me. She is me. But with the face of her Dad. She's hilarious. She talks non stop. She's a bit of a follower mind and a people pleaser. But that's not too bad. She wants everyone to like her and has no concept of the fact that everyone does not like being touched constantly. She loves singing and dancing and having her bum out. I love it when she wakes and she smells of sleep. And I love it when she's stroppy and drops her lip. 

The boy is a watcher. He's quiet. He observes. He is his Dad. He is a real mummies boy and loves a cuddle. He would be happy just sitting on my lap snuggling. And doing nothing else. He has the worlds biggest eyes ever. Amazing. People stop me to tell me how much they love them. It's quite odd having someone love you just so so so much. The girl is a bit aloof. But not my boy.

Pre sprogs I was on a bit of a downer. Getting a bit too drunk and lacking in self esteem and crying quite a lot. Now? I still like a drink but I'm much happier in myself. I'm more confident. I don't care quite so much. I do a bit. But I'm tougher. Which is good. 

So there. I love my kids. I love being a 'Mummy'. It's ace. I love being at home more than at work. Love it all. Now...lets get back to the moaning which is what I'm best at. 
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