Thursday, 6 March 2014

Life with a Princess

I wrote last week about my girl and her desire to be a princess in The Duke and Duchess of Birmingham well week she pretty much has been living that actual dream. She dresses like one, watches them, plays with them.  Endearing but frustrating as life does revolve around her obsession. Yes and I have done the good Mummy thing and pointed out other occupations and offered a range of toys for her to play with but the below keeps on occurring.

Somehow Shaggy has also been invited to this particular princess party (his luck must be in!) and there are two Ariel's who appear to be proper hardcore fighting on the right (oh maybe over Shaggy?). She made pancakes with her Dad as Rapunzel. Whilst playing her odd lining up game she was dressed as Belle. But my favourite thing occurred at dance. Whilst she was living in the dream world of Rapunzel. Again. 

I am sat behind a curtain at Babyballet as she is now three. We are in a little room so they can dance undisturbed. The register was being taken. I had already told the girl she should'nt really be dressed like Rapunzel as it was inappropriate. However. She felt compelled to wear this little get up. The lovely teacher called the girls name. There was a silence. And then very loudly and clearly and bossily she exclaimed "My name is Rapunzel!". So she was referred to as Rapunzel. Her toy Pascal sat and admired her dancing skills throughout. 

We watched the Wizard of Oz when we got back in. She now wants a Dorothy dress. And she's got her eye on our dog Lucy to be Toto. Poor sod. 




  1. Brilliant, she is just awesome! Think we should all dress up and pretend to be Rapunzel, my 3 year old would definitely be up for that. You must have been trying not to laugh from behind that curtain! Great post, thank you so much for sharing with #whatsthestory (and apologies for the delay in getting to you!) x

    1. I might start dressing as one!!! Think we all should xxx

  2. Aw, dressing up is great. It's wonderful to hear what they say when you can't be seen too!
    Thanks for sharing #LetKidsBeKids


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